Shelter Your Clients From the Storm

Shelter Your Clients From the Storm

Arrange for your commercial roofing service in Burlington, KY

Although you seldom think about it, your roof serves an essential purpose by protecting your customers and employees from the wind, rain and sun. Keep it in excellent condition by turning to First Choice Roofing and Restoration, LLC for a commercial roofing service. After years of working as a trusted roofing contractor in Burlington, KY and surrounding areas, we've worked for all kinds of businesses, including banks, daycare centers and casinos.

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3 good reasons to replace our roof

Lately, you've noticed that the roof over your business facility looks past its prime. But should you repair it or replace it?

The knowledgeable team at First Choice Roofing and Restoration recommends roof replacement services if:

  1. Your roof is 20+ years old
  2. The roof deck is damaged
  3. There are moisture-related issues

Still not sure if you need to arrange for a roof replacement? Call now to speak with a qualified roofing contractor in Burlington, KY. We're always happy to answer your questions.